Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Good Characteristics to Live By in The Chosen by Chaim Potok :: essays research papers

Qualities of a Good Person What are things that make someone a good person? Is it their ability to get along with other people? How about the choices that the person makes? Or is it the way that he or she treats his or herself and others? All of the qualities make someone a good person. In the novel The Chosen by Chaim Potok, Danny and Reuven learn many qualities that make them to be better people. Respect, responsibility, and honesty are all important qualities for one to have in order to become a better person. Respect is a characteristic that all people should show in every aspect of their lives. It is very important to show respect in a work situation. People must show respect to their bosses in order to keep their jobs. Even more important is for people to have a respectful manner when dealing with their clients. If they do not show respect for the client, then the client will find somebody else to do business with. Another place that respect should be shown is at home. Parents must show respect for their children so that the children will listen to them. Disrespectful parents will find it difficult to have a good relationship with their children. Children who show respect for their parents and siblings will find it much easier to receive more privileges. A lack of respect towards the members of one?s family can create a very uncomfortable home life. Having an uncomfortable home life can cause grades to go down and ability to function well with others to decrease. People should also hav e respect for themselves. Having respect for oneself makes that person have better feelings for his or herself. If people cannot respect themselves then how are they going to be able to show respect for others? Also respecting oneself makes it easier for other people to respect that person. The ability to take responsibility for ones jobs and actions is a very important quality for a person to show. One place that it is extremely important to take responsibility for oneself is at work. People are given tasks that they are to perform in order to receive a paycheck. In order to continue to have a job people must take the responsibility to complete their assigned tasks. If they do not take that responsibility, they may just find themselves out of work. Not only does it allow people to have a job, but it can also lead to raises and promotions in honor of their actions.